Karoo Wedding: Marize & Dafydd

This was an beautiful South African Karoo Wedding. Marize and Dafydd tied the not at Sweetfontein Farm in the Karoo.

I asked the couple to tell me a little bit about them self. They are so sweet!!

our first meeting  

From across the restaurant, our eyes locked. It was then a question of who would make the first move… 

Being the gentleman, and with a safe question in mind – “Do you know Shaun or Carien?”, Daf made the first move. Although he was a bit surprised to be told that the answer was neither! He tried again later that evening… it turns out that we did indeed have some common friends!

the first date 

After meeting through our mutual [South African] friends, Daf plucked up the courage to ask Marize for a date. (Although given the phone number exchange of a few days before, he had little doubt she would say yes!) There was then the question of location: near to where Marize worked (Piccadilly), where Daf worked (Canary Wharf), or indeed somewhere between the two.

After a last minute choice of location, the plan was set: we were going to meet in the West End. The slight problem was that Daf didn’t know that many venues in Mayfair! Unperturbed, he thought he would be able to make it all work! And work it did! We discovered that both of us quite liked steak, red wine and whisky. It was love at first bite!

two countries meet 

Our two countries regularly play each other in rugby – one of the many things that we both like! It was therefore natural for Daf to take Marize to Cardiff to watch South Africa take on Wales – Daf wore a South African scarf; Marize the red of Wales.

The result? We were both winners…


Since they’ve met, Daf and Marize have done the occasional trip! Sometimes close to home, sometimes further afield. In many, there’s been a surprise or two! The biggest surprise came for Marize shortly after Daf returned back from a solo rugby trip to Argentina. It seemed absence really did make the heart grow fonder! 

engagement celebration 

And so, after the surprise proposal on Marize’s birthday, there was to be another surprise on the day of the engagement celebrations: one of Marize’s bridesmaids – Lyndall – was to make a surprise appearance after coming over from Stavanger, Norway. It’s fair to say that Marize had no idea about any of this!

What other surprises will Daf have in store for Marize?!

the good life 

We will be starting our married life together in Surbiton. We don’t plan to have chickens, pigs or goats in our back garden, but we do plan to have a good life!

































































Wedding Service Providers:

Décor / Flowers: Sweetfontein Venue – Jan Sauer 083 532 0901

Cake: Sweetfontein Venue – Dorette

DJ: Brakkies 0833058689

Videographer: Robert 083 731 4932

Dress: Justin Alexander dress from Daisy’s bridal

Suit: Dress to Kill

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